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Add Resize option and quality levels#43


I’ve been waiting for a long time since I’ve heard about Rawsie, the “better DNG converter”, but I’ll still have to stay with Adobe.
It’s nice that you produce better quality DNG on a pixel level (especially the “stripping”) which will not affect the output for clients much or at all), but there are still no basic options DNG converter allows.
When I shoot with my R4 a thousands files events, I don’t need original 60MP resolution, I just want it resized (condense) and then converted to DNG. I understand doing that with RAWs already in Lightroom might be tricky or even impossible, but a simple before edits workflow SD Card RAWs > Mac DNG with smaller resolution would be just fine. Plus possibility to just select card/folder+subfolders, eject when done, remember last “from/to”, etc. - something beyond “drag and drop for basic user”.
Also ability to select some quality level settings would be nice - I don’t always need the best visual preservation on a pixel level, size and speed over 10-20% of absolute quality would have more value for large sets.

2 years ago